Explore our BACCI world by offering bright new ideas that stand out with authentic, quality materials, the most astounding garments of the seasons, offering the provocative and striking to the bold woman with an adventurous and authentic lifestyle.

The canvas that predominates in our brand are the jeans that surrounds us with a great variety of designs that give comfort looking for a unique, unusual and more daring look that seeks to feed through the wardrobe the perfect piece for them.

We know that styles vary more and more, that's why BACCI added the most outstanding elements from the concept, form and materials, creating their own identity that reflects their personality. We are the only distributors for Latin America being 100% differentiators of an innovative proposal and with confections that have made our pieces are novel, that allows us to look and look at us differently making it part of the proposal of our brand in Importadora El Triunfo.